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Having invested in a piece of gourd art, you will want to know what is best for it so that you can enjoy your investment for many years to come. Gourds are like wood. They need to be wiped with a little furniture or shoe polish once in a while to insure that the gourd does not fully dry out. My gourds are treated inside and out which makes it easy to wipe them off with a damp cloth should something spill on them, but a little wax or oil helps keep them from drying out over the years to come.

I do not recommend that they be used in storing or preparing raw foods. Most of mine are intended for decoration.

For the ones that are candle holders, it is important to remember not to bring the gourds into contact with open flame. If you wish to use a live candle, be certain they are in a glass container designed for candles and never leave them unattended. Many of my gourds will provide you with a battery or electric operated candle for safety.

Vases will, in most cases, have a glass liner to be certain that there are no leaks of water. Gourds by nature will absorb water until they cannot hold more and then they will "sweat". Even though I put a good finish both inside and out, I feel more comfortable providing a glass liner to be certain that there are no mishaps.

To insure that your gourds keep their subtle coloring, it is suggested that you not put them in direct sunlight. I use the very best coloring agents I can find, but all colors will succumb to sun eventually.

Protect your investment by caring for them properly.

I hope that the care I take in finishing my gourds will help keep them looking new for many years.

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