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Back scratcher made from ash. Collection of the University of Maine.

Collection of basket molds in order to maintain consistency in size

and shape. Collection of the University of Maine.

As basket makers began to be replaced by commercially made utilitarian

baskets, they used their skills for more artistic shapes which challenged

their creativity. Penobscot. Collection: University of Maine.

Many baskets combined creative shapes with utility. This "Comb"

Basket is MicMac made. Collection: University of Maine.   

These baskets are beautifully crafted with a combination of techniques

mixing ash with sweetgrass. Collection: University of Maine.

Woodland style wisk broom. Early in history similar brooms were

used to brush hair, but later became useful household items. They

were made of varying materials. Collection: University of Maine.

This sewing kit was made for Maine Governor Louis Brann and

includes a needle, compact, thimble case, scissors holder pin cushion,

and mini-curly bowl button basket. Circa 1934. Collection:

University of Maine.

Detailed beadwork on collar and cuffs were most likely made for a

chief in the Penobscot tribe. Collection: University of Maine.

Many men of the woodland tribes wore "aprons" rather than full loin

cloths. This was noticeable after cloth became available to the crafts

people. Today, many men wear these over regular pants at powwows.

Collection: University of Maine.

An example of Penobscot moccasins. Collection: University of Maine.

Frank G. Speck was one of the earliest anthropologist to visit Indian

tribes and record their history, culture, crafts and designs. This is

an example of a black leather pouch which is not commonly seen

today. Collection: University of Maine.

This device was attached to a long handle for fishing or lobstering

from the shoreline. Many Abenaki men preferred fishing form

shore to fishing from boats. In some places, these are still used today.

Collection: University of Maine.

All photos and test copyrighted to Morningstar Studio.



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