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 Open Your Eyes Artist Studio Tour 2011

cptv/wnpr CT Public Broadcasting Network

 The artists include painters, sculptors, photographers, metal artists, textile artists, weavers, muralists, jewelers, ceramicists, printmakers and woodworkers. The Open Your Eyes artists are Cheryl Bartley, Theresa Cannavo, Pamela Chambers, Peter Coffeen, Donna Davis, Susan Dorazio, Roman Dubecky, Madeline Falk, Sharon Farber, Bruce Frisch, James R. Gagnon, Barbara Gilman, Ellen Griesedieck, Kathleen Kelly, Morningstar Jeanne Kent, Vic Leger, Debra Lill, Karen Meares, Shirley Metcalf, Norfolk Artisans Guild, Ruthann Olsson, Kevin Osborne, Tina Puckett, Jon Riedeman, Karen Rossi, Turi Rostad, The Artist Ruse'L, Gay Schempp, Dee Shapiro, David Skora, Rick Swenson, Carol Taylor, Carlton Taylor, John Garret Thew, and Leslie Watkins.

?This event gives the visitor an up-close experience with the artists to see how and where the art is created. On top of that experience, people going on this tour will discover truly beautiful sections of our lush region that they might not otherwise find. Although visitors are unlikely to visit all 35 artists, we encourage people to include in their itineraries some of the more out-of-the-way studios. The Open Your Eyes Studio Tour recognizes that when the public learns first-hand from the artist about what is involved with the making of a work and the ?story? behind it, a deeper connection and involvement with the art work happens,? said Amy Wynn, Northwest Connecticut Arts Council?s executive director.

The Open Your Eyes tour map will be available at sites throughout the region and beyond, and is available to download at along with suggested itineraries and direction sheets.

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