Morningstar Studio  

Fine Wabanaki Arts by Jeanne Morningstar Kent

Dream Catcher
Ah Nee Mah (Ancient Voices)

Welcome to Morningstar Studio.

Come and enjoy work which utilizes traditional Abenaki/Wabanaki Designs.

Certificates of authenticity assure each purchase as being Indian Made in keeping with the Indian Arts and Crafts Laws.  I am an enrolled  member of the Nulhegan Band, Coosuk Abenaki of Vermont and am a member of the Vermont Abenaki Artists Association. I currently serve on the Board of Trustees for the Institute for American Indian Studies, Washington, CT.

NOTE:  All 2020 shows have been canceled which leaves artist without income except for on line sales and donations.  Please consider helping with one or the other.  A Donation button has been added below.  Payments will be made thru Paypal.  And visit my Web Store for current works.